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Renew, Restore, Rejoice!

In recognition of CCA’s 40th Anniversary and to celebrate God’s faithfulness to our congregation, the Session gave approval to the Sanctuary Refresh Committee’s recommendations to restore and renovate the church sanctuary. By being good stewards of the building and investing in the church’s future, we have begun updating and improving physical aesthetics of the sanctuary. This will solve some longstanding traffic-flow issues and also enhance our worship, communion time, and fellowship. 

To use funds wisely, the church is using a mix of restoring existing elements and purchasing new products. Large expensive items like the pews that are already made with quality craftsmanship and solid wood are simply being repaired and restored with new stain. The 20+ year-old cushions are being replaced with new upholstery and padding. The existing tile floor is being replaced for aesthetic reasons and safety concerns. Fresh paint will be applied to the ceiling, walls, and trim. Both new and restored lighting will brighten the sanctuary, and new side organ windows with lights will help illuminate the stage.  

What is being changed in the Sanctuary

Questions and Answers

What is the timeframe

Late July to early September. Our goal is to be done about a week before our 40th Anniversary Celebration on September 10th. 

What is the budget? 


Where will we worship during the renovation?

Downstairs in Fellowship Hall (the new "chapel") using existing white chairs and supplemental chairs. 

Is anything else being changed?

Yes, several other minor things are being changed or restored like the clock, CCA banner on the back wall, nursery window curtain, etc. In addition, various unused speakers, vents, hooks, nails, etc. are being removed and the walls patched. The sound booth is also being refinished to match the sanctuary colors.


If you think of anything you believe needs to be addressed, please let the office know.

What can you do to help?

Financially support the restoration:
The cost will be covered by pre-designated church funds and by congregational fundraising via the “Building Fund.” Please give to the Building Fund to support the restoration of our beautiful sanctuary. (For online giving or on your check, please indicate that your gift is “for the Building Fund.”)


Pray, pray, pray:
Pray for God’s blessing on this work, that workers are kept safe, that our financial needs would be provided for, that our church would experience renewed energy in our mission to our neighbors, and that God would be glorified in the process and the work.


"For every house is built 
by someone, but the builder
of all things is God." 
- Hebrews 3:4

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