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Three Ways to Use the Lord’s Prayer

As we wrap up the Lord’s Prayer series and move toward using the Psalms in prayer, here are three ways you can use the Lord’s Prayer in your lives.

1. Use it as a prayer. The Lord’s Prayer stands on its own as a complete prayer, with a beginning, middle, and end. You can just pray the Lord’s Prayer on it’s own, or as part of a larger prayer.

2. Use it as a structure for daily prayer. The Lord’s Prayer is a fantastic template for daily prayer. Slowly pray through each petition, using that petition to inspire your particular requests and praises. For example: “Give us this day our daily bread: Lord, thank you for providing for our physical needs. Please continue to provide work, energy, and income in my life. Please provide for those without food. Please give stability where there is unrest. Please give justice where there is oppression. Give us our daily bread, please.” Work your way through the entire prayer, allowing the six petitions to focus your personal prayers.

3. Use it as a structure for weekly prayer. The Lord’s Prayer also works as a template for weekly prayer. With an opening of praise and six petitions, it perfectly fits our seven day week. Assign each movement of the prayer to a particular day, and make that your prayer focus that day. Sunday: prayer of praise. Monday: prayer for the hallowing of God’s name. Tuesday: prayer for the coming of the Kingdom. Wednesday: prayer for God’s will to be done. Thursday: prayer for daily sustenance and physical provision. Friday: prayer for receiving and extending forgiveness. Saturday: prayer for spiritual deliverance and praise for God’s victory.

As we use the words that Jesus taught his disciples to pray, may you experience the presence and power of God in increasing measure.

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