The CCA Women's Retreat 2012!

March 2-4, 2012 (Friday-Sunday)
Skycroft Conference Center - Middletown, Maryland

The retreat is sold out! However, we hope you can join us next year for a wonderful and relaxing time of fellowship, fun and spiritual growth as we get out of the city and head for the country!! Yahoo!

We have an wonderful program of learning, worship, prayer, praise, fun, and girl-time planned.

Our Keynote Speaker is Susan O'Loughlin Ward (see bio on right). Susan attends The Falls Church and she will challenge us in a three-part series with her presentations on WORDS and how we use them. 

The Power of Words:

Do My Words ...
--- a) Bring Delight In The Midst Of Drudgery
--- b) Speak Hope Into Hardship
--- c) Grow Gratitude Out Of Grumbling
--- d) Cultivate Complaints or Contentment
--- e) Seed Self-Knowledge Rather Than Self-Criticism
--- f) Produce Harmony In Hostility
--- g) Cultivate Confidence Instead of Concern
--- h) Create Crowns of Conviction
--- i) Help or Hinder
--- j) Leave Little That’s Lasting or a Life-Long Legacy

Words of Life and Words of Death:

Repentance, Forgiveness and Healing

Rebuilding the Ruins:

The Way of Redemption and Hope


Skycroft Conference Center - Middletown, Maryland